Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Printable Blood Bowl Pitches: New Designs

A few days ago Captain Kellen contacted me in one of my Spanish blog posts, to ask if I could help him with the Blood Bowl pitch that he was trying to make.

First of all I want to say that I usually update both blogs regularly and if you want to contact me you can do it in any of the blogs; nonetheless, an English comment among several comments in Spanish seems a little out of place. Talking about comments, I strongly encourage everyone to leave comments, its always great to know what people think about the work that we do. Bear in mind  that the "anonymous" profile is active in case you don't have a google account or you are just lazy and don't want to go through the trouble of logging in :-P

Going back to the initial topic, Captain Kellen didn't need too much help, he only needed the lines that delimit the pitch and the crosses of the squares of the pitch. I gladly help him as it was not trouble at all for me, just a couple of minutes of my time. In fact I'm glad he asked for my help; I wanted to add a few things to my pitch design and the need to open the master file was the perfect reason to do it.

Sometime ago I was charged with the commission of a 6 part folding pitch that make me realize that I wasn't using all the space that I have available when printing my pitches designs. I could add a rectangle of about 14cm by 78cm to the design and I will still use the same amount of Self Adhesive Sticker Paper Sheets.

I will probably dedicate and entry to the commissioned field in the future but you can see the results in the pictures below, the pitch not only fold in 6 parts, it is also well protected.

I think the adds on the side give the pitch a really nice look; nonetheless, what I wanted to do with that extra 14cm wide space was to add to the design the dug-outs!! You can see what I got in the following picture.

That's the English version I also have a Spanish one. I manage to add the dug-outs in that space as well as the scatter template and the range template for the passes.

My brother and I have some portable dug-outs that we made but is better to carry one item instead of worrying if you took both dug-outs or forget one. If a 6 part folding pitch is made with this design, once folded the pitch is only 7 cm wider and still quite easy to carry.

The bigger draw back that I can think is that both dug-outs are in the same side of the pitch and that could make a little difficult to play with it but still placing one in face of each other in the narrow sides is possible to use them =P

I also have change another more subtle thing from my previous designs: the lines between the line of scrimmage and the wide zones are now dashed ones.

In the pictures below you can see my 6 part folding pitch with my earlier design (not dashed lines).

If someone is interested in having this printable pitch he can download the design from the links below:
I make the divisions supposing that the margins of the printer are at least 3 mm wide. If that's not the case when printed you will loose a part of the field. To solve it one option is to reduce a little bit the scale of the images and the other one is taking the undivided pitch and dividing it by yourselves.

As my design was made using different layers and to make the patched grass I needed to have a gravel, or sand layer I tried to see how the pitch will look like without the grass. You can see the result in the following picture. I don't like it as much as the grass one but is not bad in my opinion.

If someone is interested in having this printable pitch he can download the design from the links below:
I hope someone find this pitches useful. I will probably made a new one for myself. I'm also thinking of doing something similar with my Blood Bowl 7 pitch design.

PS: If someone is only interested in the overlay (just the crosses and the lines he or she should check this post:


  1. a great resource, I am bookmarking this for later.

  2. I would love to feature your site and your work on the new bloodbowlblog(dot)com website. Please email me to learn more coach(at)bloodbowlblog(dot)com

  3. Sadly, my printer only uses 8 1/2 x 11 paper. The way that the sectioned out pdfs are organized are fantastic, it's just that the A3 and A4 paper sizes are just not an option.

  4. These are amazing! Is it possible to get the full size image file?

    1. Glad you like them!
      What exactly do you want? The complete archive in an image format (wich) instead of a pdf?

    2. I uploaded the two models to my mediafire account in jpeg format, if you would like to have other format for the image files, just tell me.

    3. That's perfect! Thanks so much Jaime!

  5. Hey man, can you provide a PDF with just the overlay? The white lines with the black crosses? Thank you.

    1. Done, you can find them in this post:

  6. Thanks. Really appreciate the pitches.

  7. This is brilliant. Muy bien señor *applause*
    Just one question, what did you glue those sheets on?
    Any suggestion on the type of cardboard we should use (and where to get it)?


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