Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl

This is a fairly new wargame for us. Some years ago, in December of 2010, we tried it and we even made a Blood Bowl field but we left it aside after playing a couple of games because we didn't have a lot of spare time back then.

Afterwards in the fall of 2012 we found ourselves with a lot of free time and we decided to give another try to Blood Bowl and we loved it. So at the end of October of 2012, in about two months, we have done the necessary conversions for 5 different Blood Bowl Teams and even a new field to play Blood Bowl 7, as I've said we found ourselves with a lot of free time.

The teams that we have built for the game are:
We had sculpt some miniatures from scratch:

Also, we have made some fields: one for Blood Bowl, one for Blood Bowl 7 and one for both that is possible to fold in 6 pieces.
Printable Blood Bowl pitches

Additionally, we have made a football, two dug-outs and a goblin referee.
Finally I have made some tutorials to explain how I made some of the things of the miniature conversions.
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