Monday, March 21, 2016

How to make a Mega Armored Ork Warboss (scratch building tutorial)

Hi everyone, some time ago a follower of the blog asked us for a tutorial building a Mega Armored Warboss. We do not usually field this miniature but do to the awesome look orks have when they are wearing mega armor, my brother take upon him to make one of this beauties making a tutorial out of it in the process. The result of the conversion process can be seen below.

Materials used/required:
  • Ork and other races bits.
  • Sprues.
  • 1 mm thickness Plasticard/ old cards: credit cards, hotel cards, library cards or IDs. The use of old cards makes the process economic.
  • Hyssop (ear cleaning rods)/ empty ink pen tubes/ cylindrical tubes of different diameters.
  • 2 mm diameter rods, we use brass rods, but wood or plasticard rods could also be used.
  • 1 mm diameter rods (I use paper clips).
  • Putty. I used green stuff and A+B white from Sylmasta, but any putty that you know how to use is ok.

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