Saturday, November 9, 2013

Lizardmen Kroxigor from scratch

At the beginning of this year I tried to make a Kroxigor model to use with my Warhammer Fantasy lizardmen army, then make copies to have 3 kroxigors and latter change the green into a Blood Bowl player. For the moment I just have the Warhammer version as I really have troubles with the Blood Bowl one.

My first version of the model was a little disaster and I only make the legs

Then I search for more inspiration and came up with some new legs that I really liked.

When I had both legs I started to work in the body and in the head

Then I joined those together and started to work in the arms and the weapon

From there I only had to finish the weapon, made the left hand and add some details to finish the model

In the picture below you can see some of the model details
I presented this model to an online competition and won it, but in fairness I had to say that there was a really low level of participation (we where only 8 contestants)

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