Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The other 3 Blood Bowl Chaos Warriors are finished

I consider finished the other 3 Chaos Warriors for Blood Bowl. Nonetheless I will accept suggestions to improve them for a week or so.

In the two pictures below you can see the first Chaos warrior with the other 3 in process.

In the following picture you can all of them finished or almost finished.

All the heads will be interchangeable and can be place in any body. Maybe there is some problems of interference in one or two of the 16 combinations.

Below you can see pictures of the WIP and the finished result for each of the new Chaos Warriors individually.

Chaos Warrior Model B: Kicking Chaos Warrior. He has brass knuckles in both hands, a small skull detail in the left part of the chest and a 8 points start in the right leg protection. In some pictures it appears as if the model is falling but in hand it doesn't.

Chaos Warrior Model C: Blocking Chaos Warrior. This warrior has 3 spikes in his back that has tore the armour during his growth. he also has 3 chains instead of chainmail between the legs and a 8 points star in the left part of his chest. In one hand he carries a chain roll around his hand with the end hanging and in the other brass knuckles.

Chaos Warrior Model D: Punching Chaos Warrior. This model has also some chains between the legs but shorter ones. He has a 8 point start in the protection of the right leg and two brass knuckles with pointy ends.

The hands of these 3 warriors are not the same as ones from the running Warrior. I modified them so they will be fists.

Lastly I want to tell you that I've in mind to do a couple of mutations: tentacles and claws. I quickly tried to make a tentacle and I obtained what you can see in the picture below.

For the claws I'm thinking of doing a crab like claw so it can be used in any arm right or left just cutting the hand and gluing the claw.

Hope you like them! As always comments are welcome.

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