Monday, December 30, 2013

Custom made Warplock Jezzails (conversions + little explanation on How to do them)

First of all I want to wish you a Happy New Year.

Now about the Warplock Jezzails, they are something that my brother and I did a really longtime ago, that's one of the reasons that in most of the pictures appears "Sir B" instead of Sir Skofis.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Valkyrie Assault Carrier

In this entry you can see  how my Imperial Guard Valkyrie for Warhammer 40000 looks like.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Mek Shop (Ork Scenery)

Merry Chriztmaz!!

In this post I want to show you the Warhammer 40000 ork building that my brother and I have recently made. It is the Mek Shop for our Ork Mek, it is going to be a central scenery piece in most of our games and it is possible to use it as a Bastion.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

How to Make molds with Oyumaru + Resin Casting Parts

Note: To read about 2 part silicone rubber molds look at this post:

A visitor from my Spanish Blog (Lady Vengeance) ask me how I did the resin copies of my Warhammer Lizardmen Kroxigor using Oyumaru.

First of all is that I don't want anybody to do something illegal with this tutorial. I'm just showing how I copy some of my original miniatures and I encourage you to only do the same thing.

This method is specially useful for small size pieces that we want to copy a small number of times, ranging from one to ten for example. If you want to make more copies or a copy of something big or really detailed I recommend to use other material for the molds, for example silicone rubber.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dogs of War Heavy and Light Cavalry (Conversions)

Cadet sons of nobles from Bretonnia, the Empire and Tilea form
the shock cavalry of most mercenary armies. Kislevite Winged
Lancers are sometimes employed and are much renowned for
their swift manoeuvres.

Scouting ahead of the army, harrying the enemy supply line,
attacking vulnerable war machines and engaging the flanks of
the enemy line are but a few of the roles performed by these
precious troops. Riders from Araby or from the steppes of Kislev
are the best choice available to mercenary captains.
Well this is going to be the last entry of our Dogs of War units for a while. This time I want to show you two cavalry units, for the moment they aren't painted.

Our Dogs of War army has a 3th cavalry unit that is a conversion that we made to represent Voland Venators. It was one of our earliest conversions and it was in a pretty bad shape so right now is being stripped out and it would be upgraded hopefully in the near future.

Heavy Cavalry: I didn't want to use knights from Bretonnia or The Empire directly I wanted to have a more customize unit and I came with the idea of trying to do a Wealthy Marauders Knights. This marauders have fought for the different Merchant Princes accumulating wealth and buying better equipment to guarantee their survival.

I used knights from The Empire with marauders heads and shields. I also try to made some fur capes to show that they come from the north with putty. I personally don't like too much how they look, I like the idea but force myself to finish the unit and didn't get the result that I wanted. I think I'll probably change them or upgrade them.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Blood Bowl Minotaur: Resin Copies made (repairs pending) + Miniature Assembly

I've spent this weekend making lots of resin copies of different things but mostly from the minotaur so I could send the copies to the persons that were interested in having a copy as soon as possible.

I wasn't certain that I could make all the copies in just one weekend but I've managed it. Now I have to take each piece look at it carefully and repair any defect that it has or reject the piece and made a new one if its quality is not good enough or if it has a large number of defects.

In the left side of the picture above you can see what is going to be send, the minotaur in pieces, the base and two footballs one with base and one without it. The logistic reason behind the two kinds of footballs is that I could make two at the same time that I make the minotaur. Both footballs are copies of the footballs I made so they aren't perfect or symmetric or anything, they just look right from a distance, not in a close inspection. The footballs are a gift but if someone doesn't want them because they are just going to throw them away please tell me before hand, because it has no sense sending things that are useless. Also if someone will rather have two based footballs or two footballs without base please let me know and we'll see what can be done.

The minotaur is in 5 pieces that fit well together and should not cause any issue in the assembly, except maybe the tail. In the right part of the picture above you can see how the Minotaur looks like once it is assembled.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Colonel "Iron Hand" Straken. Cadian version

This is the miniature that I summit to the conversion competition of the second half of the year of the Spanish Forum Warhammer Aquí.

I didn't really need a Colonel Straken for mi Imperial Guard Army as I don't usually use unique characters but a serious of reasons got me doing this conversion. The first reason was that I was short of time for the competition and I needed something that I could finish quickly so searching in my half finished projects box I found the Imperial Guard Company Commander that I had start converting in February.

Finding this commander got me thinking that I had to made some shotguns for one of my Veteran Squads and I started searching the Internet for shotgun conversions and I found the post below:

That shotgun simply blow me away and I needed at least one in my army, the problem was that it needed a lot of pieces, between them a flamer each one so I couldn't use it in my Veteran Squad. So following a really strange reasoning I end up doing a version of the Colonel "Iron Hand" Straken even if I would probably not use it as that.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Dogs of War Cannons

We have two cannons in our Warhammer Fantasy Dogs of War Army, both of them from The Empire Army, an old metal one and a "new" plastic one (6th edition plastic cannon). Both of them have are second hand bought miniatures as most of the miniatures of our Dogs of War Army.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Dwarf Miners

My brother is spending a lot of time merging his Dwarfs Armies. His initial idea was to have two dwarf clans sharing the battlefield against a common foe, but at the end he really don't like the idea of having half of his army with some colors and the other half with others so he is stripping the paint from at least one half and painting them again using the other scheme of colors. He also has time to paint some orks of our common army so I'm pretty please as I can latter use a painted army that in the battlefield tends to look way better.

The last unit that he has strip and paint is his unit of Dwarf Miners. In the picture below you can see how this unit looked like before the stripping and painting process.

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