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Our conversions of Ogres into Ogre Kingdoms Maneaters: Historic Evolution

The Ogre Kingdoms Maneaters are one of our favourite unit in all the Warhammer Ogre Kingdoms Army Book. My brother and I started building our Ogre Army in the year 2005 a little after the release of this brand new independent army. From the beginning we wanted to have some maneater, but we didn't have a lot of money to spend in them and we really liked the pirate one and there wasn't any on the stores when we went. So we started to make our own maneaters. In this entry I'll describe our Ogre maneaters and how they had evolved with time.

Imperial Ogre Maneater with Catayan Longsword

This was our first Ogre Maneater and we made it in 2006, the idea was to make an Ogre that had spend some time between humans.

The model was based in an Ogre Bull whose legs were extended by cutting them and putting some putty between the cut parts. We also changed the position of the arms so he could wield the sword with two hands. The joint of the arms with the body wasn't too good and we "solved" it by making some shoulder pads with more putty. The original sword that we made for him was made by shaping a piece of plastic sprue and it was pretty irregular and with a tendency to break (the two dark lines near the sword hilt in the next picture are the lines that the glue make when we glued the pieces together).

The result wasn't great but it wasn't either absolutely awful. This ogre was subjected to a first upgrade when my brother and I learned about the plasticard. Basically we changed the sprue-made sword blade for a plasticard-made sword blade that was also a little shorter.

The last upgrade of the model was in August 2012. In this update we changed a lot of things starting with the shoulder pads that became the shoulders and we added two imperial shields as the new shoulder pads. We also changed the gut-plate for a plastic one and added some putty to the pants so they could look more similar to the Empire 6th Edition models pants. Finally we added two fire weapons to the back of the model from the Empire Pistolers/Outriders.

Chaos Ogre Maneater

A little after the first version of the previous Maneater, we made this Chaos Maneater inspired in the two-headed Ogres of the Warcraft III. the second head was a reward from the Chaos Gods for his work in the Chaos Desserts.

When we first made it we though it was an awesome model, but in time we started to realised it wasn't and we tear out its arms and doomed the model as hopeless.

Dwarf Ogre Maneater

It passed a little more than a year (year 2008) before I tried to make another Maneater, this gap in time was translated in a better model as our sculpting skills increased during that time.

Our preferred choice of weapons for the Maneaters was the brace of handguns, and that decided me to make a Dwarf Maneaters as the dwarfs have some interesting powder weapons.

As it was a Dwarf Maneater I didn't try to enlarge his height, I just added a chainmail skirt to the model around the legs and a long beard with putty. I also added some dwarf details as dwarf shields for the gut-plate and shoulder pads, a dwarf helmet and two dwarf handguns in the hands.

The only upgrade that this model suffer was a paint work, and it would be seen in the final pictures.

Black Orc Ogre Maneater

Until 5 years later, in August 2012, we didn't though of extending our Maneaters range. During this time we had bought a metal Maneater but sadly it wasn't the pirate one it was the Imperial one. The decision came with the actualization of the Ogre Kingdoms Army Book, that encouraged my brother and I to re-paint our army. We decided that we wanted 3 more Ogre Maneaters to have a second 3 model unit. One of the new model was to have an Army theme as the others that we have made and the others were meant to be a pirate Maneater (we really liked the idea) and an Araby Maneater.

The Army theme Maneater was the Orcs, and everybody know that the bigger and stronger orcs are the Black Orcs, so our Maneater has to have work with them. I made the legs and body of this orc with putty on top of an armature made by me with some pieces of plastic sprue. The arms and heads used were from the Ogre Bulls spare bits modified with some putty.

Pirate Ogre Maneater

This model was based in an Ogre Bull. It is a simpler conversion than the one before.

We cut out one of the feet of the ogre and put a piece of a club to make a pegleg. In the other foot we putted some putty as to make a leather boot. We also made a raincoat and a pirate hat with putty for the model.

We detailed the gut-plate with a pirate skull and two handguns. Additionally we made a hook and a pirate like sword with some plasticard.

Finally we transform one of the Ogre Bull gnoblars into a treasure chest carrier.

Araby Ogre Maneater

This is the last Maneater that we have made (at least for the moment). We wasn't sure what to make for our final ogre, we though of a mommy maneater but we decided to make an Aladdin Disney like Maneater.

We used another Ogre Bull and we added a hat, a best and a belt with putty. We changed the shape of the pants and the shoes with putty and made him a couple of curved swords with plasticard.

All of these Maneaters (except for the Chaos one) are organized in two units in our army:

Hope you liked this historic walk through of our Maneaters and feel free to leave any comments.

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