Saturday, May 25, 2013

Wood Elves Treeman (sculpted)

Longtime ago I try to make a Tree Kin for my brother's Warhammer Fantasy Wood Elf Army. When I was almost finish with the project my brother bought three metal Tree Kins, so I stop working on it.

Some day I compared the version of the Tree Kin that I was making with the Games Workshop models and I realized that it was a little big in comparison. So I proposed to my brother to try to make a Treeman instead. My brother had already an old metal Treeman that he didn't like too much so we started making the Treeman.

Truth be told, I cut out a lot of parts that I had made for the Tree Kin because they weren't really good or their position was odd. In the next pics, were you could see the model before it was painted, it's really easy to see the parts that were left of the initial Tree Kin as those parts are made entirely with Green Stuff, they are the ones that have the dark green color.

Here is a size comparison between this model and some of the tree like models of GW:

And now the Tree man painted

Hope you like it, as you know any comment is welcome and will help me to keep updating the English version of my blog.


  1. Looking at the models from the future the model looks really good, you have some talent. I think your model looks more like a Tree Kin that you would expect than the GW model.


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