Thursday, May 23, 2013

Savage Orc Big Boss mounted on chariot

When we play Warhammer with the Orcs Army and the 7th Edition Rulebook we usually use an Orc Savage Big Boss mounted on a chariot as the big boss transferred the Frenzy rule to the rest of the chariot making it a meat grinder.

This combination have its dangers as the chariot will try to follow and charge everything that goes into his line of sight and a flying unit could made that the chariot end up in a forest with a lot of chances of being destroy by itself. Nonetheless if you play with orcs and are not willing to take any chances you will not win a lot of games =D

The conversion is mainly made by gluing together different models. The base is the Orc Boar Chariot without its crew. The miniature for the Big Boss is the old metal Champion of the Savage Orcs. The banner of the chariot was change for the banner of the old metal Savage Orc Boar Boyz. The rest of the crew are from the Forest Goblin Spider Riders because they had that savage look to them and are small enough to make the Champion pop-up.

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