Friday, May 24, 2013

Wood Elf Highborn with the Alter Kindred

My brother normally uses a Highborn with the Alter kindred a magic bow and arrows or a great weapon, when he plays with the Warhammer 7th Edition Rulebook. With this hero he attacks the warmachines and enemy mages, support some charges and give a headache to his enemy in general.

To make a model to represent the Alter kindred we have in mind to do something similar to a Faun to represent its movement speed.

I have tried to make the model a couple of times so my brother could stop using a spare wardancer in the games, and the last time I tried I obtained a good result for the body and legs but I was unable to make a decent head for it:

Finally it was my brother the one that made the model for this hero. He decided that the legs should have a look similar to the legs of the 7th Edition beastmen, and a position similar to the ones in the Highborn with long sword. He also decided to cover the body with some armor and use the spare arms and heads of the Wood Elf Glade Guard. The result was the following:

He also made a really big sword with plasticard and he attached it to his back.

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