Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Welcome everybody!

I'm Sir Skofis and I'm from Spain. I have created this blog to collect and display all the things that my brother and I have made along the years for different wargames (almost everyone created by Games Workshop).

My brother and I had been playing Warhammer Fantasy since the year 2001, and later on we have also started to play other wargames like Warhammer 40000, Mordheim and Blood Bowl, this last one we enjoy specially.

All the way from our beginning we have built vehicles and terrain pieces, modelling some miniatures, converting others and painting a lot of miniatures. The last part is not our favorite and you will not see in this blog amazingly painted miniatures.

I have lots of stuff to show, some might be even interesting, but for the moment is all in Spanish and I have to translate it before I could post it here. If you like, you could take a peek at my spanish blog to see what kind of stuff you could expect.

I hope you decide to stay with us.

See you!

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