Saturday, May 11, 2013

Other Blood Bowl stuff

Other Blood Bowl stuff

Apart from the teams and pitches we have made other things for this game that are not easy to short by. (more info inside =P )

One thing that is essential to play the game are the dugouts, when we first start playing we used some printed dugout that we have found on the Internet but they were quite small for our taste. So we made our own dugouts modifying some of the ones that we have found on the Internet with photoshop making them bigger and more adapted to our needs. We glued the modified dugouts that we printed in paper to a cardboard base. This cardboard base was mad with two pieces of cardboard a rectangular one and other with holes in it to give the dugout some relief. Like that the markers of the teams fit on the holes and they don't move around.

Another thing essential for the game is the football. It is possible to buy the footballs in different shops as there are a few brands that commercialize them, but we make our own football with putty. It isn't perfect but is sufficiently good. We also made some molds so we could make copies and use them in our teams. The High Elf and Dwarf team were made before we have the molds and the footballs that they have were made one by one and have quite different looks. At present we have a silicone mold for the football and we made the football with resin, but initially we used a putty mold and made putty copies as shown in the picture below.

Finally we made a less essential thing for the game but quite nice to have: a Goblin Referee. We used putty and the gnoblar from the Warhammer Ogres banner.

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