Saturday, May 11, 2013

Blood Bowl 7 Pitch

A little after we start playing Blood Bowl for the second time, we were introduced to the easier and quicker version of the game: Blood Bowl 7. This version has a smaller field and there are 7 players per team instead of 11. First I tried to make a folded pitch using EVA foam instead of printing the field but it was a disaster so I decided to do something more easy.

I took a 140x17 cm piece of polystyrene that came in the package of an IKEA bed that we have recently install, and cut from it two pieces of 61x17 cm. Later I glued together both pieces with white glue and introducing some toothpicks between them.

On top of this 61x34 cm rectangle I glued the papers with the printed field using white glue.

I designed the field with photoshop, starting with a grass looking layer, continuing with the sidelines and all the other lines in the field and finishing with a center logo and the words "TouchDown" in the touchdown zones. The font I used for the letters is the gutcruncher font for Blood Bowl that I obtained from this page:

You could find original photoshop *.psd file for the field in my mediafire folder here, is a little heavy (40 Mb) and you could use it to cut it however you think is best to your needs. There are also 6 PDF files (BB7field_A4_#) of A4 paper size that you could use to print the field directly.

I found a problem making this board. When the white glue used to glue the paper sheets dried it pulled the short edges of the field upwards, so the board wasn't flat and it wasn't easy to play in it. I "solved" the problem gluing a A3 size paper at the back of the board (see picture above), this help with the problem but a little to much, and the board it isn't totally flat but now is the center part of the board that doesn't touch the table when we play and that is better than before.

As always if you have an doubts or anything feel free to leave any comments.

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