Thursday, May 2, 2013

Adds in the Blog

Adds in the Blog

Hi, this post is to inform the visitors that this blog is going to have some adds displayed. It is a temporary measure because I don't have any idea of the results that is going to have. If I see that it is only a nuisance I will stop displaying adds in the blog.

Google decides what adds to show and the control I have over them is rather limited. The adds should be related with the blog thematic but who knows.

Whenever someone clicks on an add I would receive a small amount of money. None of you should click on them if you aren't genuinely interested. I not encouraging anyone to click on them as that goes against the agreement I subscribed with Google. Furthermore clicking on an add will automatically redirect you to another webpage, so I recommended that you finish reading the post before clicking on an add.

I will spend the revenue that I receive with this adds, if any, in keep working on the hobby and improving the blog and its perception by any means that I consider convenient.

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