Monday, May 13, 2013

Blood Bowl Skavens Team

This team was made entirely by my brother and he was so involved with it that he converted it and painted it before I could take any shots of the pre-painted miniatures.

Almost every miniature came from the Warhammer Fantasy Skaven Night Runners. But there are also some bits from the 6th Edition Skaven clanrats.

The Players of the team are:

2 Skaven Blitzers. My brother add some shoulder pads and some armour in the arms with putty to the models.

2 Skaven Throwers. In my opinion the position of the one that is in the left of the picture is a little weird, but I guess that with the arms available it was the best thing he could have done.

4 Skaven Gutter Runners. Not much to say about this models as they were made assembling the plastic bits of the Night Runners without using any putty.

4 Skaven Linemen. My brother work a little on the helmets and on the shoulder pads with some putty.
My brother is thinking of adding a Rat Ogre exclusively to the team. For the moment he uses one from his Warhammer Fantasy Skaven army when he plays with this team.

Any comments would be welcome so don't hesitate =)

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