Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mounted Black Orc Warboss

When we play with our Orc army using the 7th Edition Rulebook for Warhammer Fantasy, we almost always use a mounted Black Orc Warboss that acompanies a unit of Orc Boyz. As we didn'tlike any of the miniatures available to represent this Lord we decided to made our own.

The model is base in the Orc Big Boss from the Warhammer Boxed Game of 6th Edition. We changed his head and arms for ones of the Black Orcs, and we sculpted a Black Orc armour in his body. We also sculpted a mask for the boar. This conversion was made in the year 2008, after we had made the Dwarf Runelord with Anvil of Doom, thas why the putty is not the typical green color of Green Stuff is a pale green because we mixed GS with A+B modelling putty.

 Hope you like it. Feel free to leave any comment.

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