Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Blood Bowl Dwarf Team

This Blood Bowl team has been made using Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf miniatures of the 5th, 6th and 7th Editions of Warhammer Fantasy.

An here are the players!

2 Dwarf Blitzers made with 6th edition dwarfs, a mix of Green Stuff and A+B white Modelling Putty and two wings for the helmets obtained from the symbol of the High Elf spearmen shields.

2 Dwarf Runners made with 5th edition dwarfs. One of them lost his head and arms in one of our early conversions and we had made him a new ones.

2 Dwarf Slayers. Both of them were made using the Dwarf Dragon Slayer and the tied up Slayer of the Battle for the Skull Pass Boxed Game (Warhammer's 7th edition boxed game). The Dragon Slayer has a new pair of legs and the tied up Slayer a new body, legs and arms.

6 Dwarf Blockers made with 5th editon dwarfs and some putty.

Deathroller. The dwarf driving it, is of the 6th edition. The deathroller is made with the wheelbarrow of the 7th edition plastic dwarf miners, some cardboard, a cork and some other bits.

We also have made some markers of turns, rerolls, touchdowns and FAME for our dugouts. We used the stones of the dwarf "fence" of The Battle for the Skull Pass, a barrel from the ogres and the TNT of the plastic dwarf miners to create some distraction and try to catch again the football.

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