Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Folding Printed Pitch for Blood Bowl

The first thing we do when we first tried Blood Bowl was to build a Blood Bowl Board the easier way we could think of. Thus, we searched the Internet for some printable Blood Bowl field designs, we modified the one that we like the most in order to add the scatter template, the template to know what kind of pass is being attempt and some squares to keep up the score.

The field was printed in 4 Din A3 papers and glued to a cardboard that later on we covered with Ironfix (a transparent adhesive cover that can we used for a lot of things like covering books).

To made the Blood Bowl board a folding one we made a cut with a modelling knife at the middle of the cardboard form the back leaving uncut only the cover. After we made another cut, dividing one half of the cardboard in two separate halves.

It seems that it wasn't the best of ideas to make the board a folded one because after almost two years folded without any use it doesn't open up completely so we have to put some weights around two of the borders of the field.

This was our first folded field after this one I've made two more the last one a few days ago and I think I manage two solve a lot of problems.

In the next pics you could see the unfolding of the field.

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