Sunday, May 5, 2013

Blood Bowl High Elf Team

Blood Bowl High Elf Team: Los Fenix (The Phoenix)

I made this Blood Bowl High Elf Team using Warhammer Fantasy high elf spearmen and some other Warhammer High Elf bits.

The Players of the team are:

2 High Elf Blitzers. Their shoulder pads are a piece of the spearmen shields symbols. The feathered head thingy is from the Silver Helms.

1 High Elf Thrower. I cut out a part of his skirt to give him more freedom.

2 High Elf Catchers. I cut their skirts also and I didn't put them heads with helmets to show that they have a lower armour value. 

8 High Elf Linemen.

Star player. I could use it as Prince Moranion or as a generic Star Player.

I also made some makers to use in our dugouts. The turn marker is an elf stone because I'm always forgetting to move the marker and with this marker is easier to remember. The touchdowns marker is a flying elf football. The marker of the re-rolls is the top of a table with an extra helmet and a paper with some awesome game tactics. The FAME marker is an elf supporter of the team make with a High Elf archer.

Finally I have made a custom logo for the team. The logo is based in one of a women American football team.

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