Saturday, May 4, 2013

Blood Bowl Orc Team

My brother and I made this Blood Bowl Orc Team using 11 Ork Boyz, 2 Goblins, 4 Black Orc heads and a troll from the Battle for the Skull Pass Boxed Game.

The Players of the team are:

4 Orc Blitzers made with Ork Boyz, their shoulder pads and two of the metal jaws are from the plastic Ork Boyz, and the other two were made with cardboard.

1 Orc Thrower and 2 Orc Linemen. The pointing hand from the Thrower is from the Warhammer Fantasy Savage Orc Shaman Wurrzag, the model that I bought came with two extra hands.

4 Black Orc Blockers. To made them a little more impressive than the ork boyz, we used two pair of shoulder pads glued together in each model, and we also tried to change a little bit their position.

2 Goblins and 1 Troll. My brother modified the position of the troll arms, choosing to put him trying to grab a goblin to throw him or to eat him.

We haven't made any markers for this team yet but we already know how we want to make some of them.

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