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How to make a Warhammer Fantasy/Mordheim House (cheaper version)

How to make a Warhammer Fantasy/Mordheim House (cheaper version)

This Tutorial is a continuation of the other tutorial that I have made about the construction of a Warhammer Fantasy/Mordheim House and I would refer to it constantly, so I recommend you read the other tutorial first.

In this tutorial I show how to build the town hall of the town I made to play Warhammer Fantasy or Mordheim. It is a more economic construction as instead of paper foamboard I use corrugated cardboard.

Materials needed:
- a Pencil
- a metal Ruler
- a 45° triangle and a 30° and 60° triangle
- some paper to do some draft
- some Corrugated Cardboard
- a Balsa Wood strip of 6x6 mm
- a Balsa Wood strip of 3x3 mm
- a  1.5 mm thickness Balsa Wood sheet
- some Cardboard from a cereal box
- some thicker Cardboard or Plywood for the base
- a fine mesh that in my case came wrapping some garlic heads.
- General use White Glue
- some plaster in powder
- Scissors
- Modelling knife or hobby knife
- Pliers
- a Paperclip or some wire
- some Putty
- Paints and brush
- Sand and grass to decorate the base

Step 1: Basic design of the house

In this step  the size and shape of the town hall is decided. It is useful to start by making some drafts of the kind of building you would like to have.

Once you have decided the shape, is time to decide the size. You could make a quick house-dummy to check the size against some miniatures with some paper and scotch tape.

Step 2: Transferring the design to the Paper foamboard

Now it's time to draw the design of our house in the Corrugated Cardboard. In my case the cardboard that I used was from a box of a typical shop here in Spain "El Corteinglés".

There is an important different with the other tutorial, in this case every wall of the building is going to be an independent piece that we will joint afterwards.

Step 3: Assembling the basic shape of the building

We cut out the pieces that we have drawn in the corrugated cardboard and we joint them using White Glue and also some masking tape to hold the pieces together while the glue is drying. Inside the building I put a cardboard piece that helps keeping the walls parallel to each other.

I decided to let the masking tape stick to the building. In order to avoid that some of its edges pull away from the cardboard wall y cover them with White Glue.
I also add some masking tape to cover the holes on top of the building.

Step 4: Making the roof and the building corners

We are going to use cardboard from a cereal box to make the roof and the tiles.In a similar way than in the other tutorial we draw rectangles that are a little bigger than the width of the building. You can use a rule to measure the actual length needed for the tilted parts of the roof. When the rectangles are drawn we cut them out. I also made a hole in the lower roof as if some tile has come off and a roof beam could be seen the same way that I did it in the other tutorial.

I decided that the building was going to be a stone building and the stone will be seen in the corners of the building. To that purpose we are going to cut some cereal box cardboard strips of about 2 centimeters wide and all the possible length.

Then we glue the roof to the building with some White Glue.

We bent at the middle the 2 cm cardboard strips and we cut them with a pair of scissor so they have some stony look. We made in cardboard some long strips that will help us with the visual delimitation of the different floors of the building. When we have everything ready we glue it to the building using more White Glue.

Now we make the tiles for the roof as we did in the other tutorial.

Step 5: Converting the basement into a Dungeon or Prison cell

Because the building had a rather simple look I decided to add some detail. One idea that come to my mind was to make a place to hold thugs in the basement. I made tree holes in the base of the walls and I covered them from the inside with some cereal box cardboard. Finally I add some bars made with some toothpicks and a stone frame for the holes with more cardboard.

Step 6: Details with Balsa wood

We made the doors, both of them, following the same method sown on the other tutorial. For the knots we use wire and a small amount of putty.

The windows of this building are different from the ones in the other tutorial. We used the 3 by 3 mm Balsa Wood strip for the windows frame, cereal box cardboard for the base and glass and the balsa wood sheet for the wood dividing the glass.

We also build a front stairs and a balcony using the different balsa wood formats.

Step 7: Giving some texture to the walls

To finish the building we give some texture to the walls exactly the same way as in the other tutorial. I use some plaster in powder, which allow me to control the amount of water that I add to the mixture and hence allows me to prepare a rather liquid mix that I can apply to the walls using my fingers.

That's about all the steps you have to follow to make this cheaper warhammer/mordheim building.

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