Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dwarf Lord and Shieldbearers version 2.1

Almost every Lord and Hero of my brother Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf Army is a conversion of some sort. In this post I would like to show you my brother's Dwarf Lord on shield with two Shieldbearers and how they have evolve with time.

The first miniature (version 1.0) that my brother used as a Dwarf Lord on shield, consisted in two Dwarfs warriors of 7th Edition holding a homemade shield with one arm each. The lord on top of the shield was the dwarf hero of The Battle for the Skull Pass Boxed Game.

This version was a little unrealistic as no one will carry a person on top of a shield like that. So my brother changed the shieldbearers for two dwarf warriors of 6th edition that were upgraded to Ironbreakers (I have a tutorial about how to do that). He also decided to change the shield, as it was rather ugly. The shield that he used this time was the shield of the 6th edition spearmen of the Empire, the one with the lion head coming out of it. He file out the lion head and modelled some dwarf runes instead. And like that the version 2.0 was born.

This version was good enough, at least in my opinion, but a friend give my brother a Dwarf hero of Gamezone Miniatures as a gift, and it have a more dynamic position so he changed the dwarf hero of The Battle for the Skull Pass Boxed Game for this new one becoming my brother's actual Dwarf Lord and Shieldbearers.

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