Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Colonel "Iron Hand" Straken. Cadian version

This is the miniature that I summit to the conversion competition of the second half of the year of the Spanish Forum Warhammer Aquí.

I didn't really need a Colonel Straken for mi Imperial Guard Army as I don't usually use unique characters but a serious of reasons got me doing this conversion. The first reason was that I was short of time for the competition and I needed something that I could finish quickly so searching in my half finished projects box I found the Imperial Guard Company Commander that I had start converting in February.

Finding this commander got me thinking that I had to made some shotguns for one of my Veteran Squads and I started searching the Internet for shotgun conversions and I found the post below:

That shotgun simply blow me away and I needed at least one in my army, the problem was that it needed a lot of pieces, between them a flamer each one so I couldn't use it in my Veteran Squad. So following a really strange reasoning I end up doing a version of the Colonel "Iron Hand" Straken even if I would probably not use it as that.
The "Iron" arm is made with a couple of pieces of wire attached to a cadian shoulder pad and some putty. The other arm is made quite similar to the one of the link above but I used a Catachan hand as they are a little bigger and like that the "Iron Hand" doesn't seem quite as big. In my version I added a catachan knife to the tip of the shotgun as I thought it give it fiercer look.

Well I really love the conversion of "From the Warp" and if I had the bits necessary to make it I will have copied it, but as I don't have them I will have to do with my more modest version.

Hope you like it!

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