Monday, December 30, 2013

Custom made Warplock Jezzails (conversions + little explanation on How to do them)

First of all I want to wish you a Happy New Year.

Now about the Warplock Jezzails, they are something that my brother and I did a really longtime ago, that's one of the reasons that in most of the pictures appears "Sir B" instead of Sir Skofis.

To made the Warplock Jezzails we used 6th edition clan rats and we changed some skaven arms (marked as number 4 in the picture below) so they could hold the mechanism of the 7th edition dwarf crossbows (1). The mechanism for the handgun and the crossbows are different so if you know someone that has assembly his Dwarf Thunderers/Quarrellers with one you can ask them to give to you the other. At the tip of the crossbow mechanism we added different tubes obtained from the dwarf axes of Dwarf Thunderers/Quarrellers box (3), from spears and form the pole of standards. To hide were the tubes were joined to the mechanism we placed some putty and some times a little piece of tube as if it was an sniper rifle sight glass (2).

We made the Pavises with plasticard, we used a heated pin to draw wood like lines in it. To hold the pavise in place we first tried to modified another clan rat but it was so difficult that we end up doing the rat from scratch. Then we show the little rat that came with the Rat Ogres and Giant Rats box (5) and decided that it was perfect for the task. As we like the little rat we made more little rats from scratch (6), we found that it was quite easy to make something that resembled a little rat.

Hope you like them! Feel free to leave any comment.

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