Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dogs of War Heavy and Light Cavalry (Conversions)

Cadet sons of nobles from Bretonnia, the Empire and Tilea form
the shock cavalry of most mercenary armies. Kislevite Winged
Lancers are sometimes employed and are much renowned for
their swift manoeuvres.

Scouting ahead of the army, harrying the enemy supply line,
attacking vulnerable war machines and engaging the flanks of
the enemy line are but a few of the roles performed by these
precious troops. Riders from Araby or from the steppes of Kislev
are the best choice available to mercenary captains.
Well this is going to be the last entry of our Dogs of War units for a while. This time I want to show you two cavalry units, for the moment they aren't painted.

Our Dogs of War army has a 3th cavalry unit that is a conversion that we made to represent Voland Venators. It was one of our earliest conversions and it was in a pretty bad shape so right now is being stripped out and it would be upgraded hopefully in the near future.

Heavy Cavalry: I didn't want to use knights from Bretonnia or The Empire directly I wanted to have a more customize unit and I came with the idea of trying to do a Wealthy Marauders Knights. This marauders have fought for the different Merchant Princes accumulating wealth and buying better equipment to guarantee their survival.

I used knights from The Empire with marauders heads and shields. I also try to made some fur capes to show that they come from the north with putty. I personally don't like too much how they look, I like the idea but force myself to finish the unit and didn't get the result that I wanted. I think I'll probably change them or upgrade them.

Light Cavalry: This is a more recent conversion and one that I thought about for a longtime before I even try to do it. I used The Empire pistoliers/outriders box and some bits and pieces that I have in my bit box from the free companies and the bretonnian bowmen. In particular I used the bows that I cut of to make my Dogs of War Crossbowmen. I've tried to give the miniatures dynamic poses and I like how they came up.

What do you think? Do you like them?

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