Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Mek Shop (Ork Scenery)

Merry Chriztmaz!!

In this post I want to show you the Warhammer 40000 ork building that my brother and I have recently made. It is the Mek Shop for our Ork Mek, it is going to be a central scenery piece in most of our games and it is possible to use it as a Bastion.
Before we started to build it my brother make some drawing to fix the ideas that we have in our heads into something more concrete.
Initial drawings: Click to enlarge
We also make some more drawings along the construction process of more specific things as the antenna for the force field or the turrets that we decided to add to the mek shop when it was almost finished.

The building is made mostly with corrugated cardboard, even if there are other things thrown here and there like some balsa wood, some toothpicks, some pieces of sprue and some pieces of a plasticard beam.

The texture of the walls was made using a mix of sand, plaster white glue (or PVA glue) and water.

The two pictures below show the basic structure of the building with the texture in the walls and some of the details. The front doors are just placed, not glued in those pictures and you will see that in the other pictures one of the doors has been turned 180 degrees.

We painted that basic structure using an airbrush that really speed things up. We also build the force field antenna and some stairs to get to the roof of the tower.

You can see the antenna painted in the pictures below.

Latter on we decided to add a scratch pile to one side of the building. The one in the pictures below was a provisional one just to see how it could look.

Then we decided that not only a scratch pile was needed, the building also needed some kind of defenses against thieves and other enemies so we build a turret at each side of the door.

Some people told us that a Mek Shop should have signs of explosions, we have added the metal boards in the walls for that purpose but decided to give the region of the wall near those boards a burned look. we also added two depots in the back wall that was a little sober that we made using two empty containers of Vallejo paints, cardboard and plastic straws.

You can see the finished building in the pictures below.

We are really pleased with the result and we hope that you like it too.


  1. virtually everything on your blog will somehow make an appearance in my own ork army. :) thanks for sharing your projects it is very useful for a reformed mekboss like me.

    1. Thank you, I'm really glad you find our creations interesting!!!


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