Friday, December 6, 2013

Dogs of War Cannons

We have two cannons in our Warhammer Fantasy Dogs of War Army, both of them from The Empire Army, an old metal one and a "new" plastic one (6th edition plastic cannon). Both of them have are second hand bought miniatures as most of the miniatures of our Dogs of War Army.

Both cannons are painted using the quick painting technique called in Spanish betuneado and the plastic cannon is the one that used to show how to do the technique in this tutorial.
Plastic Cannon

- Crew, we change the heads of two crew members and glue some from the Empire Free Company box to give them a less uniformed look.

- Cannon, as it is a second hand miniature it was a little damaged and didn't have the "holds" in the central part. So while we where repairing it we file the relieve with the imperial motive of the rear part.

- Crew+Cannon

Metal Cannon

It seems that this is the cannon that was for sell just before the plastic one.

- Crew, it is also a three members crew but originally I thing they were just two and the one in the right was and engineer.

- Cannon, it is also a second hand miniature but it was in a really good state and we didn't have the courage to file out the empire motive in it as it looked really nice.

- Crew+Cannon

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