Sunday, December 15, 2013

Blood Bowl Minotaur: Resin Copies made (repairs pending) + Miniature Assembly

I've spent this weekend making lots of resin copies of different things but mostly from the minotaur so I could send the copies to the persons that were interested in having a copy as soon as possible.

I wasn't certain that I could make all the copies in just one weekend but I've managed it. Now I have to take each piece look at it carefully and repair any defect that it has or reject the piece and made a new one if its quality is not good enough or if it has a large number of defects.

In the left side of the picture above you can see what is going to be send, the minotaur in pieces, the base and two footballs one with base and one without it. The logistic reason behind the two kinds of footballs is that I could make two at the same time that I make the minotaur. Both footballs are copies of the footballs I made so they aren't perfect or symmetric or anything, they just look right from a distance, not in a close inspection. The footballs are a gift but if someone doesn't want them because they are just going to throw them away please tell me before hand, because it has no sense sending things that are useless. Also if someone will rather have two based footballs or two footballs without base please let me know and we'll see what can be done.

The minotaur is in 5 pieces that fit well together and should not cause any issue in the assembly, except maybe the tail. In the right part of the picture above you can see how the Minotaur looks like once it is assembled.
As the bodies have a difficult shape and are quite big they tend to have some small defects and I'll have to repair them with some putty. Some of the other parts may have also some putty repair but it is less likely. In any case you should be willing to have the miniatures with some degree of reparation, if not let me know that you no longer want to bought the miniature. In the two pictures below you can see some examples of repairs.

I will contact the persons interested on the Minotaurs soon, by email or private message, to let them know the payment options and to ask them their mailing address. As soon as I confirm that the payment has been made and the miniatures are fit to send I will dispatch them.

Mattias Darrow I think you are the only one that contact me via blog so if you can send me an e-mail to  lord-skofis(a) (change the (a) with an @) so I can also give you the payment options.

How to assemble the miniature
The assembly is quite simple and straight forward but nonetheless I'm going to show it.
1. Assembly of the tail
Just glue the tail to its slot. If you place it correctly the end of the tail should end a little to the left of the miniature.

There were some concerns about the tail and placing the miniature face up. At the time I didn't know it but my brother have thought of that and told me that placing the Minotaur correctly in the base it shouldn't be any problem with the tail when the miniature was placed face-up because it will not touch the pitch floor, it will be left in the air between the border of the base and the miniature shoulders as shown in the picture below.

2. Assembly of the left arm
With the miniature on hand you will see that the inside of the shoulder in the arm and the place where it goes attach are rather irregular. When I was preparing the original minotaur to be cast and "tore.-up" the Minotaur's arms from its body that was the surface that was left. I thought about smoothing down both surfaces but decided that and irregular surface will help with the right placement of the arm. Also it is possible to use the ends of the chain and the strips as a guide to the correct placement.

3. Assembly of the right arm
The assembly is quite similar to the one of the left arm.

4. Assembly of the Head
Pretty straight forward also, just place the hole in the back of the head in the neck.

And that's it model assembled =)

I want to end this post showing you how the complete miniature looks like knock down(facing-up) and stunned (facing-down).

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