Sunday, January 5, 2014

Dwarf Thane with Army Battle Standard (conversion) + Dwarf Warriors and Dwarf Thunderers (conversions)

A friend of us have lend us for an indefinite amount of time his Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf Army inviting us to painted if we were up to it. The army is composed mostly of 6th edition miniatures plastic and metal.

My brother that truly loves dwarfs have decided to update a little bit our friends army and paint it. He is using the same scheme color of his army but he insists that they are two completely separate armies but truth be tall I think he is planning in using some of the units with his own dwarf army when we play very large games.

The first think that my brother has done with this Dwarf army is convert a dwarf warrior into the Dwarf Thane with Army Battle Standard. In order to do that he added a gromril armour to the miniature with some putty following the same steps that I show to you in the tutorial explaining how to convert 6th edition dwarf warriors into dwarf Ironbreakers. Then he replaced part of the plastic standard pole with a piece of brass rod so the standard will be taller than a normal one. As the banner he used the one of the 7th edition plastic warriors plus one of the symbols form the 6th edition plastic warriors banners.

Below you can see pictures of the conversion, after painted but without any work to the base and with the model completely finished, to show that miniatures with a little work in the base gain a lot.

My brother has also paint two units of the army: a 20 dwarf warriors unit and a 10 dwarf thunderers unit.

The dwarf warriors are standard 6th edition miniatures with hand weapons and shields.

The thunderers in the other hand are rather uncommon. They are conversions of 6th edition dwarf quarrellers transform into thunderers using several bits from the 6th edition empire boxes. The conversions where made by the owner of the army, my brother just added some putty to fill the gaps between pieces. I found that they have a fun look.

In the picture below you can see a group picture of this two units with the Army Battle Standard.

Hope you like them! Feel free to leave your opinion!

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