Saturday, January 25, 2014

Some Warhammer 40000 Orks

This post in my Spanish blog originally show for the first time the nob bikers, the painboy, the weirdboy and the big mek painted. You  have also see them but I decided to leave their pictures here to save me some trouble and just copy and paste.

I wanted to paint the orks nicely with 2 to 3 layers of paint plus the base layer. But with that system my brother and I only get to paint 5 ork boyz in a couple of year, you can see them in the picture below.

My brother was a little tired of only having 5 orks painted but he didn't want to paint with layers the orks so he decided to paint them using the quick painting technique that I explained in this tutorial. Initially I object a little but he was willing to paint lots of orks and I really prefer to play with painted miniatures.

In any case in a couple of days he manage to paint the rest of the orks to reach the 12 ork boyz that you can carry in a Trukk. Then I was absolutely certain that I was OK with him painting like that the orks. The skin tone and muscle definition is not the same, but they are perfect for tabletop.

In the picture below you can compare both painting systems, in the center is the ork with a few layers of paint per color and to his right and left two orks painted quickly. The result in the helmet is quite similar, you can judge the rest.

After this initial try out he continue painting more orks and in a couple of weeks he added to our painted orks 10 ork nobz, 2 nob bikers and the painboy, the weirdboy and the big mek.

Nob bikers

Painboy, Weirdboy and Mek boy

10 Ork Nobz from the Black Reach Assault box set game. The only modification to these nobz is that we added a couple of plasticard custom-made power klaws, similar to the ones that we made for the Meganobz and the big mek.

When I posted this entry in my Spanish blog we have the miniatures that you can see in the pictures below painted. Right now we also have a unit of 15 Stormboyz and another unit of 12 orkboyz.

(click to enlarge the images)

Hope you like them!

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