Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hell Pit Abomination mostly from scratch

In this post y want to show you the "little" worm that my brother made for his Warhammer Fantasy Skaven Army.

In the 7th edition of the Skaven Army book for WFB they added a "miniature" named the Hell Pit Abomination following the same path of the previous army books of 7th edition and the path that GW continues to follow with the 8th edition, consisting in adding miniatures that has nothing small and that are quite expensive. My brother wanted to have a Hell Pit Abomination for his Skaven Army but didn't want to pay the price that GW asked for it so he made his own version following the description provided in the book that says that the Hell Pit Abomination is a mutated creature made using "the pallid and deep-tunnelling Blindwyrms that exists in the depths of the world".

He started to made the creature making an armature using some wire and tin foil as it can be seen in the picture below.

From there he patiently added lots and lots of putty until he get to the result that can be seen below.

The paint job isn't great but at least is painted.

In the two pictures below there are a couple of shots that help to see the abomination size.

Hope you like it even if it looks a little disgusting!

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