Saturday, January 18, 2014

Conversion of 3 Skaven into Warlock Engineers

Before my brother started to collect his own Warhammer Fantasy Skaven army, one of our friends was already collecting one. Searching eBay one day we found a Ratling gun that also include some 6th edition skaven clan rats bits and we bought it for him. One of the bits was a torso and I decided to try to make a Warlock engineer using it and other bits, mostly from the sprues of my night goblins that also had some skaven arms in the command group sprue. I made the legs from scratch using green stuff this is one of my earliest serious conversions (end of 2007 beginnings of 2008) and for that reason the GS is not mixed with A+B white modelling putty.

Below you can see the first pictures that I took of the Warlock Engineer.

As you can see the skirt is quite flat and some people of a forum told me that I should add to it some wrinkles. So I try to do it.

One of the sides of the skirt was still quite flat and even if I have primed the miniature I decided to add more wrinkles.

It is not an impressive work but it was part of my learning curve. Once I painted the Warlock engineer it locked as you can see in the pictures below.

I know, the painted job is not great either =)

Latter on, my brother decided to start his own skaven army and he wanted 3 Warlock Engineers in it, he had already bought a metal original one and he needed to make two more. As now we had plenty skaven bits we decided to make the warlocks using the bodies form the plastic plague monks. Even if this conversions are more recent we didn't put too much work into them because we had to convert loots and loots of skaven to made our own ratling guns, warplock jezzails,etc. We only try to give them some resemblance with a Warlock Engineer.

As you can see once painted they look quite nice, or at least nice enough as to say that they are Warlock Engineers. Below you can see a couple of comparative pictures of this two warlocks and the original 6th edition metal one.

Hope you like it!

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