Saturday, August 2, 2014

WIP Beastmen for Blood Bowl: Part 1

To complete my Blood Bowl Chaos Team I need to make a few Beastmen so they could go along the Chaos Warriors and the Minotuaur that you have already seen.

At first I was thinking in converting a few warhammer beastmen miniatures but lot of people have ask me if I intended to make my own beastmen models also so I finished trying to do them, even if I'm not sure yet what I'm going to get.

For the moment I've start working in 4 different legs for the beastmen, one for a stand still model, one standing still but with one leg a little forward than the other, one running/blitzing and one kicking (the ball or another player). Two of them are in their earlier stages while another two are quite advanced one of the been almost finished.

Speaking with several people it seems that it will be good to have at least 4 different models but it will be better to have 6 or 8 different ones. I'm not sure but for the moment I was thinking in making modular miniatures, with separated legs, upper body, arms and heads and with 4 versions of each or maybe a few more heads it will be possible to made lots of different models.

Legs for the standing still model:

Legs for the standing still with a leg a little forward than the other model:

Hope you like them! I will be posting updates when I can.


  1. Hey dude,
    AWESOME blog :)
    i found your ork stuff and I just LOVE it srsly :)
    my question would be: how do u make the tubes on the guns? Im fairly new to sculpting PLZ help :)

    1. Thanks! if you can tell me exactly what guns are you referring to, maybe publish a comment in the post were they appear it would be great.

  2. well sorry
    i just posted in your Nob Biker Conersion articel
    thx =)


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