Sunday, February 1, 2015

Ogre conversions for a Blood Bowl Ogre Team

My brother has converted 5 ogres from a WFB Bull Ogres box and he also has painted them. He has tried to give them a little more dynamic poses cutting off the legs and/or the feet and also repositioning the arms. He also has sculpted the shoulder pads and helmets with Green Stuff so they are more Blood Bowl like.

An ogre team isn't completed without the snotlings but for the moment we are not certain if we are going to make them from scratch or if we are going to modify some gnoblars or some gretchins, that's going to be the part of the team made by me so for the moment until I have more spare time they'll have to wait.

Below you can see more pictures of each of the ogres and a little explanation of the main modifications.
Ogre 01: both legs of this ogre were cut so it could be bend down, also the neck was changed so he would be looking forward instead of looking to the ground.

Ogre 02: This is the less aggressive of the lot. The changes are mainly to the arm positions to separate them from the body.

Ogre 03: This one only has the arm for the champion with a little modification in its position.

Ogre 04: This one is in a light jog because he is needed elsewhere. To do it my brother change both feet of the model for the ones of the other model, not sure if this is the A model or the B model but basically cut the feet of a A model and of a B model and place the ones from the A in the B and viceversa.

Ogre 05: This last one is my favourite and is clearly doing a blitzing action. To make it he changed the right foot from the right foot of the other ogre model and glue the ogre to the base through the tip of that foot. Unless you have some spare foot around this will mean that you will end up with an ogre with two "flat" feet although you can make a pegleg for that ogre to give it a little more personality.

Personally I think my brother has done a remarkable job giving some movement to a really static miniatures. I hope you like them!


  1. Excellent upgrade to the simple version which is to just snip weapons. Curious to see the snotlings!


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