Sunday, May 1, 2016

My brother's Clan Moulder Skavens

My brother is using in his army units from different Clans, below you can see the ones that belong to the Clan Moulder: a few giant rats, 3 Rat Ogres and a Hell Pit Abomination.

Giant Rats:

The unit includes 3 packmasters, that are conversions made using the 5th edition plastic clan warrior skavens. In two cases a whip was added and in the other an extra arm that always come handy.

Rat Ogres:
This is mainly the plastic box unit assembled, the only special thing about this unit are the chains that one of the rat ogre has. This is because my brother try to make combined units along time ago where among a unit of clan warriors you could see some miniature of every Skaven Clan, even a Rat Ogre hold by a bunch of chains and several skavens.

Hell Pit Abomination:
This model is entirely made by my brother from scratch and a few bits I've already shown the process in this other post:

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