Sunday, June 2, 2013

Blood Bowl Human Team

My brother and I made this team using mainly plastic humans from the Empire Free Company box of Warhammer Fantasy Battles. There are also other bits from other Empire plastic miniatures, like the Empire Knights or the 6th edition Empire State Troops, and obviously an ogre.

I took pictures for this team in 3 different moments, except for the ogre, the original plastic miniatures, the miniatures with the putty and the miniatures painted. I think is interesting to show how they changed.

4 Human Blitzers made with 6th Edition Empire Troops, arms from the Empire Knights of the White Wolf and putty. I've made a tutorial to explain how we made the small helmet wings.

2 Human Throwers made with miniatures from the Free Company and putty.

2 Human Catchers made with miniatures from the Free Company and putty.

5 Human Linemen also made with miniatures from the Free Company and putty.

An Ogre made using an Ogre from the Ogre kingdoms Bulls.

A starplayer/coach. We had some spare parts and we decided to use them.

Hope you like the team, feel free to leave any comment.


  1. These are fantastic! How did you make the shoulder pads so consistent? Did you make a mold?

    I'm going to be converting some Mantic Elves into a pro elf team for the Chaos Cup in Chicago, and I think I'm going to need to do something similar for their shoulders.

    1. Thank you very much.

      For the shoulders I didn't make any molds, I made one and try to repeat the shape in the others. The idea of molds is not a bad one, and with Instant Mold/Oyumaru it would be quite easy.

      If you are interested I'm going to make a step by step showing how to do some shoulder pads like the ones in the human linemen and in the human blitzers. basically is all the same, you put some putty on the shoulder and shape it. I think I could post it this week or the next one.

      I also have made a step by step of how I make the linemen, for the moment is only in Spanish but someday I hope to translate it. Good luck in the Chaos Cup.

  2. Simply the best human team i ever seen!

  3. Dear Jaime, first of all congratulations on these pieces. Superb!
    So then, may I ask you if you sell these pieces? I need of one human thrower, the one bent down and one Ogre. Can you sell them? Or can I make an order in which I can provide also the numbers to put on them? Please let me know. You can also reply privately if you like.
    Thank you in advance and all the best,


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