Thursday, August 8, 2013

Space Marines Conversions

As with the orks my brother and I have made some conversions with the Space Marines from the Black Reach Assault Box Set. Using two captains we have made a Captain with power fist a Company Champion and a Company Standard.

In our games we rarely use the captain equipped with a power weapon, we almost always use him with a power fist and we didn't have a spare one so we made him one from scratch.

Company Champion
We divided the other captain in two parts and like that make two miniatures. We have never used a Company Champion or a Company Standard in my games but you never now.
The conversion of the Champion was made using the back part of the Captain adding to it a extra front part of the assault squad.

Company Standard
This conversion was a little more complicated as we needed to make the legs from scratch. I tried to make a big shin guard Scibor-like but the results weren't too good so I changed my mind.

Hope you like them!

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