Sunday, August 4, 2013

Step by Step: Tyranid Trygon from scratch

In the fall of the year 2009 I decided to make a Trygon from scratch for a friend. That was around the time the 5th edition army release when this creature was first introduced in the Warhammer 40000 world.

My friend have just bought a Tyranid Carnifex and he had a lot of spare bitz so instead of making for him another Carnyfex I decided that a tail like creature will be easier to sculpt. At the end I only used a head from the Carnyfex in the model and maybe I could have skip that too.

The materials I used were:
  • Wire
  • Thin foil
  • Green Stuff
  • A+B White modelling putty
  • Pieces of sprue
  • Some Plasticcard
  • A Champagne Cork
  • Some cardboard for the base

The pictures of the process from the beginning to the end are below. Attention, there are quite a few.


  1. that is a scratchbuild! Thanks for sharing, that is amazing work.

    Did the cardboard hold up well as a basing material?

    1. Thanks. I've used cardboard in a lot of bases, it holds ok providing you don't drop water on it.


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