Monday, July 29, 2013

Ork Nob Bikers (conversions)

Another of the conversions that we have made for our Warhammer 40000 Ork Army are our Ork Bikers.

The nobz are from the Black Reach Assault box set, two of the bikes are "upgraded" old ork bikes and the other one is made entirely from scratch.

The first Nob Biker that we made was the one that is in the bike from scratch. Initially all the bikes were going to be made from scratch but we found on eBay 3 second hand old Ork Bikers in a decent state at least for our purpose and we bought them. As we only had two nob bikers left we are saving another bike for a Warboss Biker.

The bike from scratch was made using several materials like cardboard, plasticard, putty, empty pen ink cartridge, pieces of brass bar, etc. The pictures below shows a little bit of the construction process. (You can enlarge the pictures by clicking on them)

As I said, we made the other two nob bikers upgrading two old ork bikers. I only made pictures of the initial state and the final state as I forget to make pictures along the way.

Hope you like them!
Feel free to leave any comments.


  1. That is an outstanding scratch-build! I will be referencing this article a lot when I go to scratch build my Deathroller!

  2. how did u made the Dakkaguns? i fail at GS with such things

    1. Hi!! To make four of the six dakkaguns we used some pieces from an empty pen ink tube (
      Ten we covered it with a flat piece of green stuff made using this tutorial:
      You can also use some lube I think instead of the talcum powder and the water.

      But also instead of the ink tube and the GS you can use a toothpick and some poster board or the ink tube and the poster board. The process will be to cut the ink tube or the toothpick to the desired length and roll over it a rectangular piece of porter board and roll some extra thin pieces to make some details. Following that second possibility we made the big shoota for one of our Ork trucks:

      I hope this explanation helps you, if you need more info, don't hesitate to ask.

  3. i will give it a try
    thanks =)


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