Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Whirlwind Multiple Missile Launcher from scratch

My Brother and I sometimes made things with plasticard instead of cardboard, this is the case of the multiple Missile Launcher for our Space Marine Whirlwind.

We have bought some second hand plastic Warhammer 40.000 vehicles, they are usually in a bad shape and we try to restore them to a better one. One of the vehicles that we had bought was a Rhino. As we don't usually use rhinos in our battles we decided to build a missile launcher and in that way instead of a Rhino have a Whirlwind.

We used old out of date cards as source from the plasticard. With that, some putty and a few more things we made the missile launcher. We also add some magnets to the Rhino and the base of the Launcher so now the tank can be either a Rhino or a Whirlwind.

Once we painted all the tank the result was:

And here in his Rhino version:

Hope you like it.

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