Monday, July 15, 2013

Blood Bowl Wood Elf Team

This Blood Bowl team has been made almost entirely by my brother using 6th Warhammer Fantasy Wood Elf Glade Guard miniatures and an old 4th or 5th edition Warhammer Fantasy Treeman.

The players of the team are:

1 Wood Elf Thrower made with a 6th edition glade guard, a copy of our custom made ball and some putty for the shoulder pads, the throwing hand and to cover the hole in the back.

2 Wood Elf Catchers made also with some glade guard miniatures. My brother add a catching glove with putty and change the position of the legs so they appear to be running.

7 Wood Elf Linemen to those ones my brother added the shoulder pads and also a little facial protection.

2 Wood Elf Wardancers made with 6th edition wood elf glade guards and some sculpted pointy hair. The hair is sculpted on top of a piece of plasticard.

1 Treeman that was left almost an altered, my brother only add a shoulder pad.

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