Saturday, July 27, 2013

How to make a Blood Bowl 7 folding pitch

This is another of my Blood Bowl pitches, I have more than enough already but with every new pitch I learn something new and improve the technique. In this one I used sticker paper instead of liquid White Glue and I have to say that is a lot easier to do it and the finish pitch looks better than any of the others that I've made before.

The board is divided in 4 pieces and folded takes up a really little space, less than a school notebook.

To make the board I've used the next materials:

  • One 3 mm thickness Card board piece of 70x50 cm. I bought it for 1.35€
  • Duct tape
I printed the pitch in 5 sheets of A4 size adhesive label white paper .

To make the board I've used the next tools:
  • 1 Metallic ruler
  • 1 Pencil
  • 1 Strong Hobby Knife
  • 1 Precision Hobby Knife

Making The Pitch

Initial preparation

  1. Buy some cardboard and some sticker paper sheets.
  2. Design the pitch with some program like photoshop. In my case I have already one pitch but I changed it a little bit. You can download the PDF files of the new design form this mediafire folder:
  3. Print the pitch in the sticker paper.
  4. Draw four rectangles of 30,5x17 cm in the cardboard and cut them.

Joining the cardboard rectangles

  1. We put the 4 cardboard rectangles together to check that we have made all of them of the right sizes and they fit together.
  2. We pick up two of the rectangles and place one on top of the other. We place some duct tape along one of the longer sides.
  3. We fold the duct tape around the edge making sure it stick to the edges of both cardboard rectangles.
  4. We open the two rectangles form the opposite side to the duct tape.
  5. We turn around the two pieces and place some duct tape were the two rectangles meet.
  6. The third picture of the second row shows the hinges between totally open and completely fold.
  7. We left open the hinge and place on top of this two rectangles the other two. We can provisionally join this last two together with some masking tape. We repeat the process of the points 2, 3, 4 and 5 to make the hinge of the center of the board.
  8. Before we can completely fold the board we will have to make a cut in the center of the hinge of the center of the board to divide it in two separate hinges.
  9. The board is finished. 

Making the scatter,  throwing range and Throw-in templates

I've include in the PDF files the scatter, throw-in and throw-range templates as there were some extra room in the sheet. I haven't make these templates I've obtained them from the Internet. I've seen that some BB pitches incorporate this templates on their sides, outside the pitch, but this makes them bigger and they take up more space so I have made them portable.
  1. We cut some cardboard pieces of the right size.
  2. With a metal ruler and a precision knife we cut out the templates from the sticker sheet. The sticker sheets usually have some "tab" to help removing the not sticking cover form the sticker. This tab is usually near one of the borders so it could we useful not cut all the way in one of the sides of the templates, just cut the sticking side so we can separate it from the cover.
  3. We separate the sticker from the cover.
  4. We place the cover on one piece of cardboard from one side to the other trying to avoid living air trap between the sticker and the cardboard.
  5. The template is finished. It could happen that the sticker is a little bigger than the cardboard piece, in that case we turn around the template and with a Hobby knife cut around the cardboard.
  6. In the last picture you can see the three templates finished.

Sticking the pitch to the board

Is the same that with the templates but at a bigger scale.

The next picture shows the folding process of the board before sticking the pitch and after, you can see how the pitch is on the inside side so is more protected.

Final result

With this simple process we have a good flat pitch that once folded is smaller than a school notebook as you can see in the next picture and above the same thickness.

Even if this is the best blood board that I've made until this moment, I have to say that a white line have appear in the middle of the field, from folding and unfolding i.

It will be a good idea to protect the surface of the sticker with a varnish in spray.

Hope you like it!


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