Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tutorial: How to sculp a chaos warrior head

While I've been sculpting my Chaos Warrior for Blood Bowl I've been taking pictures of the step by step of certain thing that I considered interesting.
Today I bring to you a small tutorial of how I made the head for the Chaos Warrior.

Before we can sculpt the head we need a place were be can do it. I had used the neck of the Chaos Warrior but I could have sculpted the head in other place and afterwards glue it to the Chaos Warrior.

Basic Shape

We start kneading some putty or Green Stuff (1). Once it is kneaded we place it in the neck of the warrior (2). With our fingers and a sculpting tool we shape the putty, making an effort to leave the shape symmetric and of the right size (3), if there is a lot of putty we cut the excess, if there isn't enough we add some.

Sculpting the lower part of the helmet

When the putty for the basic shape is cured we knead some more putty and place it in the lower part of the head (1). We give this putty a first shape with our fingers (2) and later we smooth the putty with the curved part of the sculpting tool (3). Then we cut the putty were the holes for the eyes should go and we add two breathing holes in one side of the helmet (4). To finis with this step we push a little bit with the sculpting tool below the holes for the eyes so they stand out a little more (5).

Sculpting the upper part of the helmet

We knead some more putty when the putty of the previous step is dried and place it in the upper part of the basic shape (1). We extend the putty (2) and smooth it with the sculpting tool (3). With a hobby knife we cut the excess of the putty near the eyes (4) and like that we have the helmet almost finished (5).

Sculpting horns for the sides of the helmet

For this step I didn't wait until the putty were dried, but that doesn't mean is the clever thing to do.

We are going to start by sculpting the base of the horns, to that purpose we made a small ball of putty and place it in one of the sides of the helmet (1). We join the ball of putty to the rest of the helmet giving it a cylindrical shape (2). To made the horns we made putty sausages (3) and we cut them of the right length and give them the shape searched (4 and 7). We place the shaped horns in the sides of the head (5 and 8) and we like their look we join them to the base (6 and 9) trying not to damage to much the cylindrical shape of the horn near the base.

I've made to horns with different shapes in purpose, the idea is copy them with oyumaru to have identical horns in both sides of the head. I will use the different horns in different heads.

That's it, it was the first time I have tried to make a chaos warrior helmet/head and I quite happy with the results. I hope you find this tutorial interesting and feel free to leave any comments.

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