Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ork Meganobs from scratch

Our Warhammer 40000 Ork army has a lot of conversions as we decided only to buy a Orks battle force, two Black Reach Assault box sets and a Ork lottas & burna boyz box. We decided to make the things we needed by ourselves, like the looted wagon that I've already post in a previous entry.

Among all the conversions that we had made are these three ork Meganobs.

My brother was the one that really started the project with some prototipes made with cardboard, seen that the prototipes have a really good look I joined the project and convince him to made the meganobs with plasticard instead of cardboard. We made a first model like that and then two more.

You can see the dimensions of our meganobs in the next image:

The pictures above have some words in spanish but I hope you could understand them or use some translation tool.

In the project my brother made of the thing with plasticard including the power klaws and I made almost all the work with putty.

To made our meganobs we started building the main body/box. The part were the head rest is made with cardboard because it was easier to do it. After the body was done we made the basic structure for the legs using some pieces of plastic sprues.
Then we added and sculpted the putty for the legs. The arms and heads that we used are from the ork boyz. Tomake the kombi shootas we use shootas and other things like a flamer from the Imperial Guard.

The next pics are from the first meganob that we made, for the komib shoota-skorcha we made our own flamer. The pictures are quite big so you could really see the details by clicking on them.

When all of the were finished we painted them and put them in bigger bases.


  1. the best scrach build meganobs out there!
    plz keep up the great work

    i would really love to see a Warboss in mega armour because sadly Wargaming does not deliver such a model :/

    1. Well in the near future we don't plan to do a warboss but we have though about it so not sure when but we'll end up doing one. Thanks for leaving your comment is great to have feed back and more if is so positive =D


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