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How to make a 6 parts folding Blood Bowl pitch

In this tutorial I'm going to show you how I have made one of my Blood Bowl pitches, this is a double sided one with a normal field in one side and a Blood Bowl 7 field in the other side.

The board is divided in 6 pieces and once folded its size is around 26,4 cm x 23,1 cm x 1 cm.
To make the board I've used the next materials:
  • Two 1 mm thickness Card board pieces of 70x50 cm. I bought them for 3.5€
  • Masking or duct tape
I printed the pitch in 5 sheets of A3 size paper and glue it to the board with some liquid White Glue.

ATTENTION: If you want to follow this tutorial to make your own pitch change the liquid White glue with a Spray one or use sticker paper as I've done in a later pitch. Liquid white glue tends to shrink while drying and you would end up with a none flat pitch.

To make the board I've used the next tools:
  • 1 Metallic ruler
  • 1 Pencil
  • 1 Strong Hobby Knife
  • Some brush to apply the White Glue
You can find the printed blood bowl pitch that I've made in A4 and A3 paper size HERE

Making the cardboard pieces for the board

We begin by drawing 6 rectangles of 26,4x23 cm in the cardboard pieces. I've used the corners of the cardboard because they usually are more straight than the cuts I made.

Later we cut the rectangles using a long metal rule to guide us and a hobby knife. I recommend that you cover the surface where the cutting is done with an old newspaper or something else to protect it. As you can see in the next pics, there is plenty of cardboard that wasn't used, I'll used it in other projects.

Joining the pieces

Once we have all the pieces is time to start joining them together. In this board I made the hinges with masking tape but is probably better to use duct tape. We are going to start joining three of the rectangles together, then we will join the other three between them and later we are going to join the six together.

All of the hinges are two part hinges.

We take one rectangle and we place some masking tape in one of the shorter sides. This tape is going to be the first part of the hinge.
Then we fold the tape 90º sticking it to the edge.
We place another rectangle on top of the first and we stick the tape in its edge also. After we fold the tape another 90º and we stick it completely.
Now we carefully separate/open the two rectangles from the opposite side of the tape. Make sure that the tape remains stick to the edges. While we are separating the rectangles the tape should have the shape showed in the diagram of the following picture.
Once the two rectangles are separated if we turn the rectangles the first part of the hinge will have the shape showed in the diagram of the picture below.
The second part of the hinge is the easy one, we only have to place some tape in the line between the two rectangles.

The next hinge is a little more complicated. We begin by placing some masking tape along one of the shorter sides of another rectangle. We fold the two rectangles that we have already join and place this third one on top of them. Make sure that the hinges are in opposite sides.
We fold the masking tape 90º without sticking it to the edge and we fold it another 90º so the tape is stick to the top and bottom rectangles leaving one "free" in the middle. now we separate the third rectangle from the other two. The masking tape should be flat leaving a clean separation between rectangles.
The other half of the hinge is quite complicated. We have to make a kind of U with another strip of making tape as shown in the following picture.
Now we can try to fold and unfold one half of the board.

We have to do exactly the same with the other three rectangles. We will have two separate halves of three pieces.
To join the two separate halves we make another hinge to join the two rectangles in the middle in the same way that we made the first hinge.

The board is finished. In the picture below you can see the folding process of the board.

Printing and Gluing the pitch

We print the Blood Bowl pitch and the Blood Bowl 7 pitch with a printer.

We cut the white edges around the pitch and place them on top of the board to see how it will look like.

We glue the Blood Bowl pitch to the inner side of the board.
We glue the Blood Bowl 7 pitch to the outer side of the board and like that we have finished.

Hope you like it!

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