Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Skaven custom made Ratling Guns (conversions)

My brother have made quite a few conversions in his Warhammer Fantasy Skaven army, I have already post some of them. He made most of the conversions thinking to play with the 6th edition rules and in that moment ratling guns where quite devastating. He made four of them that later on with the 7th edition rules he stopped to use.

He made the ratling guns in two groups, first he made to and then he made another two changing the things that he didn't like in the first two. An example of this is the length of the barrels, in the first two one the barrels where shorter than in his mark II ratling guns.

To made them he used a wide variety of bits and green stuff and putty, for instance the barrels are made with the shafts of some spears.

Mark I Ratling guns:

Mark II Ratling Guns:

The result is not great but at least they represent what they intend same as the Warlock Jezzails that I've already show you.

Hope you like them!

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