Friday, May 2, 2014

My Vampire Counts Black Knights (Conversions)

You already have seen my mounted Vampire Lord (The Red Duke) and my mounted Wight King battle standard bearer for my Warhammer Fantasy Vampire Counts army. I also have two units of 5 Black Knights to complete the heavy cavalry of my army.

I made the Black Knights using bits form the Grave Guard (heads and shields) and the Skeleton warriors (spears and some left arms) mixed with Knights from the Empire, similarly to the conversion that I explain in the post of the Wight King. I also use some green stuff on them, mostly to fill some gaps and in the necks.

The motive of the banners of both units pretend to be the same but due to space limitations in one of them it doesn't seem like it.

Without further explanations you can see both units in detail below.

Black Knights unit "A"

Black Knights unit "B"

I hope you like them! Feel free to leave any comment or your opinion!

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