Monday, July 21, 2014

More Damaged Walls

I was told that the plaster texture in the two walls that I have already shown (wall 1 and wall 2) wasn't realistic enough so I've tried a new sand based texture.

The bases of the walls were made using 0.9 mm corrugated cardboard with the holes covered with some masking tape. The walls are pieces of polystyrene and I added a few metal wire pieces for "extra" detail.

I've tried to make more damage effects than in the previous walls adding some impact damage to the walls.

I add sand to the base and also some cork dust and a few patches of static grass.

The texture of the wall is made of a mix of sand, plaster, white glue/PVA glue and water. I used and Airbrush to paint most of the element.

Wall section damaged at the middle

Wall with projectile impacts

Both types of texture comparison

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