Sunday, July 13, 2014

Some re-painted Dwarfs from my brother's Army

Hello again!

I've already show some Warhammer Fantasy Dwarfs painted by my brother but they weren't from his own army they were dwarfs from a friends army that is in our hands for an undetermined period.

In this post you can see dwarfs from his own army. He insist that they are two separated armies even if the color scheme of both of them is the same.

The reason that he gives for painting all the dwarfs following the same color scheme is that he really likes the dwarfs painted green and brown and he didn't like when he painted them white and blue. He even has use the same color scheme in his Blood Bowl Dwarf Team.

The unit that you can see above before were two different 10 dwarfs units. One of the units had his beards modified with green stuff but during the stripping process my brother removed the green stuff. Below you can see the 2 previous units in the white and blue scheme the he used to use.

He also has re-painted 10 thunderers.

He also has painted a couple of old bolt throwers that he recently acquired.

Hope you like them!

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