Monday, June 30, 2014

Dogs of War: Mercenary General (Conversion evolution)

Now I want to show you the Mercenary General of my brothers and mine Warhammer Fantasy Dogs of War army. This character is almost as important as the Paymaster in a Dogs of War army, as the lads need someone to lead them even if their motivation is locked down under a key inside the Paymaster Chest.

I call our General "Alonso El Valeroso" (Alonso the Brave) and as other of our miniatures this one has also evolve during its existence. Below you can see the uptodate version.
The most evident variations of this model are the ones affecting its head. In a first version this model has a long hair, then its hair was replace by a shorter one and finally its head was changed for another one. In all the versions the head has an eye-patch as it was something that I considered indispensable.

First version of the General:

Second version of the general (The shaft of the axe has also changed).

To this version I also add a raincoat or something similar because it seemed to much like a knight from the Empire.

During "countless" years it was left like that, but then we got our hands around some new plastic bits from the Empire and decided to change the head.

Hope you like it!


  1. El general de los mercenarios no era el pagador?
    Si es así creo que le vendría bien un cofre/alforjas hasta arriba de monedas.

  2. Guillem el general es el lider táctico mientras que el pagador (paymaster) es el que controla la llave que cierra el cofre del dinero pero solamente es eso, como heroe es bastante malo


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